cleaning checklist
Restaurant Management – cleaning checklist

Using a restaurant cleaning checklist is useful because it helps you stay organized, delegate tasks to your employees, and keep on top of food safety guidelines. By keeping your equipment clean, your food will taste better and you’ll increase the lifespan of your kitchen equipment. Additionally, a clean and well-maintained dining space will impact your guests and make them want to come back. In addition to this easy-to-use cleaning checklist, creating and enforcing a HACCP plan in your restaurant can help keep your space sanitary and safe.

For both the new and seasoned restaurant business owner, restaurant checklists are useful tools in helping them manage the business, particularly time and money. Learning how to use them and incorporating them into your business are key elements in having a successful restaurant business.

PIMM™ Store Management System provides custom operational checklist. For example, administrative checklist for “opening/closing procedures”; deposit handling; security checks; etc. The system allows for timely and compliant processes for store operations.

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