Modern restaurant tech solutions are game-changers in restaurant kitchens. They reduce human error, improve operational efficiencies, eliminate food waste and strengthen food safety. Embracing technology also makes it possible to see a more holistic, big-picture view across an enterprise, allowing restaurants to make data-driven decisions about their operations.

temperature monitoring
temperature monitoring

Savvy restauranteurs are gaining a competitive advantage by investing in sensors in their restaurants. Continuous equipment sensors offer tremendous value to food businesses. Most importantly, they’ll keep your food, guests and business healthy and safe.

There are numerous and significant benefits to using digital temp monitoring sensors in restaurants and other food businesses. The newest models are:

  • Scalable

    Can be used in one location or deployed to multiple locations (e.g., across an entire restaurant chain).

  • Configurable

    Allow managers to set thresholds for time and temperature

  • Convenient

    Offering real-time alerts and data available at any time, from anywhere, which is invaluable for managers who travel between sites and need instant, virtual access to data.

  • Reliable

    Modern 24/7 temp monitoring solutions

PIMM™ Store Management system provides centralized management of walk-in freezers/coolers, reach-in refrigeration units, thresholds, food safety inspection criteria and corrective action procedures.
Each facility receives a “Quality Grade” that can be shared with operations staff and management to verify proper cold chain management process and procedures.

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