About the size of the credit card, PIMM™ LogTag™ are placed in coolers, freezers, docks, ets. where they immediatly begin gathering temperature data.

Facility Management system
Facility Management system

When the PIMM™ LogTag™ retrieved and uploaded at the PIMM™ Data Reader, the imformation automatically feeds in the the PIMM™ Facility Management System – giving you access to your temperature information anywhere you have an Internet connection.

There are many companies supplying temperature loggers to offer cold chain solutions. Often times those companies ask the same questions: “Are they all the same?” “Isn’t the cost per unit the only real consideration? The answer is No!

It is important to select a solution that will address all your needs. PIMM™ Facility Management System contains many elements not found in other data loggers that make our solution unique:

  • Higher retrieval/download rates of data loggers
  • Instant dissemination and access to data
  • Analyzing tools to identify problems & eliminate loss
  • Centralization of information
  • Tracking system for facility performance

PIMM™ Facility Management System is a complete system that helps not only monitor, but manage cold chain operations, reduce future losses, and drive up quality across the board. PIMM™ IFM is the best selection on the market.


Low Cost Implementation: with the low cost of one multi-use PIMM™ LogTag™ per monitoring point and easy installation, implementing PIMM™ Facility Management System is one of the lowest options available in the market for a fully featured Facility Management Solution.

Energy Savings/Seasonal Adjustments: with the rising cost of energy, small adjustments to temperature can result in significant savings. While temperature monitoring solutions are typically marketed as being safeguards against high temperature, many locations actually operate too cold. This over cooling can be a major, and avoidable, expense.

Product Improvement: increase food quality, eliminate food safety risks, increase product shelf life, and reduce thermal abuse.

Centralized View: corporate views are a small step away; PIMM™ Facility Management System provides access to everyone in your organization using a state of the art user role and permission system with built-in security to protect your data.

Expandable System: PIMM™ can be expanded to meet other requirements of your cold chain: Trailer Management, Route Management, Asset Tracking, Mobility Apps, Supplier Delivery, to name a few. PIMM™ Facility Management System delivers one system you can use to view all vital items of your cold chain business.

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