Temperature Monitoring for Restaurants Large temperature fluctuations in walk-in coolers put restaurant customers at risk of food poisoning, restaurant management teams at risk of food waste, spoilage and health department sanctions, and restaurant brands at risk of social media backlash.

In a large majority of restaurants, the primary food safety issue was the temperature inside the walk-in coolers exceeding 45 degrees for several hours each day. Sometimes these lengthy temperature spikes were during the day, and sometimes they were after hours.

The problem was present in a wide variety of restaurants from small single-unit QSRs to leading franchise chains to high-end restaurant establishments. The results were the same. They each had walk-in temperature or humidity issues.

According to the FDA Food Code, perishable foods must be stored at 41°F or below. Most restaurants inspected failed to consistently meet this requirement.

For lack of a more efficient solution, many restaurants require kitchen staff to manually monitor the walk-in cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, this manual method is highly unpredictable because the staff do not perform this routine task responsibly—and even worse, management will not know if the manual monitoring is not performed.

Today, an automated, dependable, and low-cost solution exists to monitor walk-in coolers using a simple wifi connection to provide restaurants peace of mind!

PIMM™ SMS provides centralized management of walk-in freezers/coolers, reach-in refrigeration units, thresholds, food safety inspection criteria and corrective action procedures.

Each facility receives a “Quality Grade” that can be shared with operations staff and management to verify proper cold chain management process and procedures.

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