Traceability systems aggregate data from the extended supply chain to create a new level of visibility or transparency.
Visibility and Traceability
Visibility and Traceability

Traceability system should be able to track and trace at the item, case, pallet, or lot level, based on which level delivers the most business value to participants. It is important to note that the ability to track and trace is only one outcome of such a system, so calling it just a traceability system actually limits our thinking about the extensive value this visibility brings.

Some of the well known benefits around compliance and risk mitigation include:

  • The ability to meet food safety and food security requirements for recordkeeping and counterfeit detection
  • Being able to verify process certification, such as organic or halal
  • Preventing damage to brand and corporate reputation caused by taking too long to identify and remove contaminated product from the marketplace
  • Achieving the required traceability required by law as many countries and international retailers now demand traceability, while more countries have pending legislation
  • Meeting environmental and import requirements
  • Helping brand owners “see the problem first” to proactively address unfavorable practices in their extended supply chain. Consumers and governments now hold brand owners fully responsible for everything related to their products, and the rise of social networking tools enable consumers to uncover actual or perceived unfavorable practices and create a public relations crisis within a few hours.

PIMM™ Supplier Delivery solutions provide an integrated supply chain solution for End to End Visibility, Traceability & FSMA Compliance. Our system captures and identities product traceability characteristics; compliance inspections for quality and safety; temperature control for product storage and transport; and visibility throughout the supply chain.

PIMM™ SuD allows real-time access, for all supply chain partners, to every shipment by GTIN; LOT ID; PO Number; Supplier Name; and/or Product Name/Number.

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