Just as food safety regulations have drastically changed in the last thirty years, so have the tools at your disposal to keep track of every aspect of your restaurant or food service business. With the right food safety software at your fingertips, you can track and update food safety procedures, temperatures, and reports in seconds. You save time by letting the app do the tedious and repetitive tasks for you, and you save money by skipping the expensive logbooks, paper, and ink. No more storing old books and files, no more losing important reports or finding out they’ve faded over time or been damaged by a water leak.

store management system
store management system

The subject of food safety is fairly complicated. It’s not just about keeping the kitchen clean and washing your hands before you serve your diners but also includes keeping track of expiration dates, food prep procedures, and temperature logs at every step. Our app not only keeps logs and produces reports of all these aspects of food safety, but our integrated temperature solutions also sync with your thermometers and updates in real-time so you can see at a glance if any issues have cropped up. Seeing temps in real-time means, you can track employee compliance with your procedures, as well as see any critical issues that need immediate corrective action.

With our comprehensive food safety and hazard control checklists, the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is show staff the checklists and watch your productivity and efficiency increase.

The PIMM™ Store Management System (PIMM™ SMS) provides our customers with a customized quality management solution for restaurants, convenience stores and retail grocery establishments.
The system provides a user-friendly interface to enhance operational efficiencies for managing temperature, energy, drive-thru performance, and quality control 24×7.

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