Almost all businesses use some form of transportation, whether it is a company car for employees to use to get to appointments or a fleet of trucks to transport products.

fleet management
fleet management

The process of purchasing, keeping track of, and maintaining these vehicles can be a time-consuming process, and for large fleets, it can be complex.

Here are some benefits of implementing a fleet management system:

  • Track your vehicles.
    The most basic component of any fleet management system is to be able to track all your vehicles at any given time. This is done with the use of a GPS system or a cellular triangulation system. By being able to track your vehicles you can see if they are where they’re supposed to be and if they’re on-time.GPS, or Global Position System, is a system that can determine the location of a vehicle by locating a tracking device whose position is recorded at regular intervals. Data is usually stored in the tracking unit or transmitted to a central database in real-time.
  • Vehicle diagnostics.
    Some fleet management systems have vehicle diagnostic capabilities. By connecting to an on-board computer, you can keep track of information such as mileage and fuel consumption. This capability can help you do your accounting more accurately, and can help you optimize the size of your fleet. You can even profile your drivers using the information from the vehicle tracking system and the on-board computer.
  • Fleet management software.
    Usually, fleet systems will incorporate some type of software to perform a series of tasks. These tasks can encompass all operations from vehicle acquisition to disposal. These include tasks such as driver/vehicle profiling, trip profiling, dispatching, vehicle efficiency, etc. Software applications can help you work faster, be more efficient, and make fewer mistakes.
  • Security and control.
    The more advanced fleet management systems have a security component that can control your vehicles while stopped. This gives you the ability to disable your vehicles if they are not in operation. This is particularly useful when vehicles are stolen or taken of course by rogue drivers. It also helps to reduce the chance of lost or stolen goods.

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  1. Rick Jones

    I like how fleet management can handle vehicle diagnostics. That sounds useful for when you have a whole fleet of cars. Even better if they are semi-trucks.


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